Welcome to Awake at Dawn-The Healing Place!  This is a place to come when you are awake at dawn, restless in the afternoon or sleepless long after midnight. This is the healing place and it is my intention that you will find comfort, inspiration and refreshment here.

I welcome you to drink in the words and images.  I invite you to gentleness if you are triggered or experience pain.  I encourage you to trust your inner wisdom, and if you’re not sure how to access it…let me show you the way.  There is a well worn path into the garden in our hearts.  Sometimes the path needs a little tending to remove weeds, cut back overgrowth, and plant new seeds.  Sometimes we need a little help to clear away debris, find our footing, and get back on track.

Breathe, relax, sip a cup of tea and come with me…back to yourself…

Artist Statement

I am a woman that loves beauty, harmony, the earth and all its creatures, and most especially people and their stories. I love observing people, watching interactions, hearing different dialects, and being fully present to emotion and character.  I have always enjoyed a different point of view and witnessing another way of being in the world.  I am a healer, trained in massage, Reiki, and Child, Family and Community Studies.  I delight in being surprised when what I feel beneath my hands, sense within my heart, or conclude inside my mind does not match with what a person shares about their story.  And when I am invited, I do love entering the mystery and the mess with others to excavate the real story running through their veins.  I am not afraid of the dark, or of pain, or suffering.  I can dance wildly, laugh freely, and love fiercely and that all can cause some bruising.

I consider myself a Visual Storyteller because I paint stories and most of the time the stories don’t get revealed until I start painting.  I am not educated about color, light, or value and I still can’t figure out how to use the color wheel.  I had a bad fall in 2017 and I landed in Intentional Creativity where I picked up a paintbrush with my pen.  I studied with Maestra Shiloh Sophia and I hung out with the Cosmic Cowgirls and I learned how to lay it all on the canvas and on the page.  Where I once only had words, I now have color, and mark making and layers and layers of paint. I dance with my paintbrushes, and I mix my tears and my joy into the paint.  My art cries wounds, shouts injustices, sings sorrows, holds prayers, and delivers the remedies.  My art is my heart.