Welcome Heart Travelers

Welcome to Awake at Dawn-The Healing Place!  This is a place to come when you are awake at dawn, restless in the afternoon or sleepless long after midnight. This is the healing place and it is my intention that you will find comfort, inspiration and refreshment here.

I welcome you to drink in the words and images. I invite you to explore the workshop offerings.  I encourage you to trust your inner wisdom, and if you’re not sure how to access it…let me show you the way.  There is a well worn path into the garden in our hearts.  Sometimes the path needs a little tending to remove weeds, cut back overgrowth, and plant new seeds.  Sometimes we need a little help to clear away debris, find our footing, and get back on track.

Breathe, relax, sip a cup of tea and come with me…back to yourself…